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Jailbreak Tweak: Get More Out of Notifications

Now available on Cydia for $1.99, Reveal is a new jailbreak tweak that further enhances the functionality of Apple's new notification system. While Notification Center is a certain improvement over the obtrusive blue boxes that previously plagued iOS, some may argue that the current is a bit limited.


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Indie Devs Band Together Against “EDGE” Trademark

Tim Langdell became infamous for his frivolous copyright claims against Mobigame for their super-awesome iPhone game, EDGE [App Store, $4.99], which he said infringed on his copyright on the word. As a result, it was removed by Apple, brought back, removed again, and brought back again, during and after which he also had numerous other apps pulled for also using the world "EDGE" anywhere in their title. Now, to protest Langdell's latest target, several indie developers are putting "EDGE" in the names of their games.


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