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Flick Buddies App Review – It’s Simple, Yet So Hooking!

The app store got redefined yesterday, yet again with a new kin of game that hit the app store. Flick Buddies takes a strike at the store, and it sure does have a lasting impression on you the first time that you play! Flick Buddies. Taking the role of one

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Apps Gone Free for Friday, the 10th

Fridays are the days, for regular people, where you want to sit back relax and watch a movie or read a book without work poking at you the whole time. But if you’re an iOS addict like me, you like to spend your spare time exploring the app store for

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Reminder: Original iPhone Warranties on Their Way Out

You picked up the iPhone on its release day last year. And if you take a gander at your calendar, your original iPhone warranty is set to expire on June 29th. Of course, you can extend your warranty coverage by purchasing AppleCare for the iPhone at $69.95US (or toss in an additional $129 for iPhone 3G). In other words, get yourself to an Apple Store Genius Bar ASAP and hope Murphy's Law takes a vacation over the next few days. [Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]


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