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So You Got an iPhone/iPod/iPad: Now What? (iPhone Alley’s Getting Started Guide)

Has Santa been gracious enough to leave a gift made by elves of a different breed? Perhaps, a gift featuring a name beginning with the famous “i” we have come to know and love. Welcome to the world of iOS, those lucky enough to find an iPhone 4S/5, iPod touch,

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Second Report of iPad Delays Puts Apple At 200k Units Available at Launch

Per AppleInsider, Think Equity analyst Vijay Rakesh issued a note to investors on Thursday saying that checks with Taiwanese manufacturers indicated "some minor delays" in production of Apple's upcoming iPad. This marks the second report in a week citing production delays of the much-anticipated product and manufacturing volume may remain low for the month of March.

These issues, said Rakesh, are only expected to be temporary. "Our checks are indicating iPad volumes will pick back up to the 800k-1M units/month into April-May from the current 200-250K," Rakesh wrote. "We believe this is just a minor hiccup in a longer-term entirely new revenue stream and product roadmap for AAPL." He added, "the delays do not appear to be glass or manufacturing process."


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