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Exclusion Zone: Anti-Air Warfare App Review – Protect Your Base In This Exact Opposite of Flight Control

Exclusion Zone: Anti-Air Warfare recently released by Appular offers intense line-drawing action where you direct missiles at oncoming aircraft preventing them from ultimately reaching your base. Though it stands out with its stand-out premise, it doesn’t take into consideration that good graphics are essential to the overall fun level of

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iPhone 3G Reviews From David Pogue, Ed Baig, & Walt Mossberg [Update: Pogue Posts Video]

The reviews are in for the iPhone 3G. The same guys who got special treatment from Apple last year once again got their paws on the latest and greatest from Apple. David Pogue of the New York Times, Ed Baig of USA Today, and Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal all had a chance to play with the iPhone 3G for about two weeks.


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