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iPhone Alley Showdown: Apple’s Siri vs. True Knowledge’s Evi

Though it's only been out for a few days, Evi has already risen to the top of the App Store charts but for some reason only has one and a half stars. Puzzling for an application that promises to function in ways that somewhat resemble Apple's creation currently in beta called Siri. Today we're going to take the two technologies through a variety of tests to see which is faster, more reliable, has a better interface and which of the two is ultimately the friendliest!


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Meet Evi, the One-Eyed Genius That Poses a Threat to Siri

With the announcement of Siri, Apple cleverly described something that the virtual assistant really is. Currently, it's a simple assistant with minimal capabilities and no APIs released to be built off of for use by developers, which you'd think would be extremely easy to recreate by another skilled developer. That's just what has happened - say hello to Evi.


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Pocket God

Pocket God is a cute little app that allows you to nurture and/or torment a small handful of islanders. Your little tribal friends are given multiple habitat options and there are many different "activities" you can do with them (or, if you'd prefer, TO them). Simple and intuitive controls, combined with some pretty entertaining concepts made Pocked God a popular app, but is it worth all the hype?


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