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App Review: Last Knight Takes First for Most-Deserving Endless Runner

If everyone had a nickel for each of the endless runners that the App Store currently hosts, the whole world would be crawling with richness. Simply said, there are more endless runners for iOS than one could possibly shake a stick at. From dangerously running across the rooftops of buildings, to chilling escapes from hoards of angry primates, it seems every corner of the App Store houses an app in which players are desperately running away from something. The premise has been almost too commonly used today, leaving the factors determining such an app's popularity up to its content and graphical style. Last Knight ($0.99) shows how much potential there is, yet, to the endless running genre with its incredible visuals and content value.


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Off the Leash App Review – Doggone Police!

The endless vertical running genre has been augmented by the release of Off the Leash (Free), the newest from the UK-based developer behind the popular Land-a-Panda, Meow Meow Happy Fight and the Piyo Blocks series, Big Pixel Studios. Posed with the task of setting fellow dogs loose as you hurriedly

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Jetpack Joyride App Review – Halfbrick’s Best Yet

Barry Steakfries probably shouldn’t be so curious and heroic. Just saying based on past experience from playing some of Halfbrick’s (developer of widely popular, Fruit Ninja) games; it seems as if he’s found yet another absurd way to threaten his existence, and that’s in the newest game to be added

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The Last Ace of Space App Review – A Quirky Tale of Gassy Pigs and More

Anyone who doesn’t appreciate getting a bit of humor out of applications, once in awhile, is pretty crazy. With its bizarre premise, colorful cartoon graphics and infinite replay value, The Last Ace of Space makes sure people like me, who do like something totally weird and funny, get our share

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Draw Jump App Review – Cute Rocket, Too Familiar Gameplay

Been there, certainly done that. The jump as high as you can, most familiarly seen in Doodle Jump, has become all too popular in terms of density in the app store. Right now, the genre can still be fun but only if developers anticipate what users will want to see

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The Blocks Cometh by Halfbot App Review

After a short period of angry emails with Apple, previously flash developers, Halfbot got a copycat version of their hit flash game, The Blocks Cometh, off of the app store. This copy version took everything from the real, online one without the developer’s permission and milked some serious money off

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Bouncer Boot Out App Review – Gel back your hair, polish your boots and wear your shades; it’s time to bounce

Wherever you reside you may have established a system of hierarchy with different groups of people being classified by different criteria or by whom they hang out with. In your work place, school or any other place like this there may be some groups that only mingle with others of

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Berzerk Ball App Review – The Sweet Pleasure of Smashing A Geek

So, really, how far can a geek rocket across the sky after being violently smashed? In real life, probably not very far. But in Berzerk Ball it’s up to you. In this simple game of both precision and luck, it matters how you hit and with what you hit along

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UltraDeep (quick)App Review – Endless Fun in an Endless Game

Previously releasing Zombie Escape with iPhone publishers, Chillingo, Viqua Games is back for even more frenzy action on the app store. Their most recent game, UltraDeep looks past the line-drawing and commonly seen zombie genres and instead introduces a fine piece of endless gaming! Many of the endless amount of

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Pig Shot App Review – Highly Addictive, Pig Slinging Action!

What do you think of when you hear, or look at pigs. Do you think, perhaps, that they’re ugly, mud dwelling creatures bound on staying dirty? Or do you think of cute, pink animals? I for one, used to think they were pretty ugly, and dirty…and oh yeah, stinky too.

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