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Hackulous & Installous Shut Down, Marking the End of Convenient App Piracy

Developers can rejoice as the central hub for conveniently attaining, or "pirating" paid apps for free (quite illegally) has been shut down by its creator, left to rot in its grave - after all, the users sad to see it go that would leave flowers are not the type that would reach into their pocket for them.


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Deliverace En Route to iPhone, Android Devices, Looks Amazing

Although I'm not typically a huge fan of racing games, there are moments where your jaw drops and you think "they did something right". This may come in the form of Deliverace by Pixelbite Games. A top-down racing game, Deliverace puts you in control of what appears to be a classic General Lee-esque vehicle as you tear through the back road country racing circuit.

A picture's worth a thousand words so take a gander at the teaser trailer which was found on the mighty 148Apps...


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