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Tutorial: Keep Your MobileMe Email Account Without Switching to iCloud

There are a few things that could have hindered your transition from MobileMe to iCloud - after all it's been a year since Apple announced the discontinuation of support for the former. This may include an outdated Mac or iOS device without support for iCloud. Thanks to us, though, you'll have a solution for retaining your MobileMe email account even if you don't make the switch.


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Watch Out for Fake iPhone 5GS Release Emails

A new spam/phishing scheme feeds off of the anticipation for the next-generation iPhone in order to lure users into malware. Disguising itself in an attempt to duplicate Apple’s email layout, though failing in the typical fashion of spam emails; there is a blatant lack of consistency and thought in its

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Beta Testers Wanted For SnakeHead’s ‘Flying Aces’ Game

The fine folks over at SnakeHead Software are working hard on a new combat flight simiulator game called Flying Aces and they need your help! SnakeHead has a limited number of spots to fill, so they want you to prove that you're worthy. To enter, send an email to flyingaces[at]snakeheadsoftware[dot]com with the reason why you'll be a good beta tester. Good luck everyone and enjoy!


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