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Nintendo on the App Store, Unofficially: Mario Kart Ripped Off

iOS has had its fair share of unofficial ports of various console games, including PC, of which some have been pulled while others have remained in the realms of the App Store. If Mario Kart was down your alley, Nintendo isn't approaching the App Store anytime soon, so developer, Shanghai Taomee Network Technology Co.,Ltd. has taken the cue and released their take on the popular game. But it's not really their take, it's pretty blatant.


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An App Store Battle: Ridiculous Fishing Gets A Blatant Copy, Ninja Fishing

Recently a developer, Vlambeer claimed that another developer’s iOS game in the making, Gamenauts’ Ninja Fishing, was a copy of their original fishing title. That so called “ripoff” rolled onto the App Store just a few days ago, while Vlambeer’s official title is still in the making for iOS as

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