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Absurd Rumor? Bendable iPhone to Come Soon from Apple

We've previously heard about the Liquidmetal iPhone - now, another rumor that you should questionably take with or without a pinch of salt: a bendable iPhone.


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Faster App Switching, Bigger Screen Next-Generation iPhone Mockup

As more and more rumors flood in, what tends to be the case in past years, due to the rumored dates of new product announcements comes ever so close, there are always some interesting mockups that make their way onto the web. Hypothetically, this next one that we're presenting to you could happen, but it probably will not. The video is intriguing, regardless.


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Siri and iOS 5 Make Apple’s 1987 Vision of the Future a Reality

The future, the new era of technology, is officially upon us. Twenty-three years ago, as the idea of personal computing was gaining momentum, Apple envisioned a device that was at that time almost completely based on science fiction. It was one of the few concept videos that really struck a

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iPhone 5 Mini Concept

This article has been updated, please read the new version here. Rumors of a low-cost iPhone being in the works–in an effort reach customers across the globe– just don’t stop. The launch of the iPad mini reinforces once again Appleā€™s ability to answer to market demand and deliver a high-class

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