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iOS 6.1 Reviews Users’ Ability to Report Map Issues to Apple

Following the Apple Maps fiasco, the newly-released iOS 6.1 reviews user problems submitted via a new option in the Maps app; likely to counteract the issues showing up embarrassingly on the Internet instead. This comes at a time when Apple Maps still cannot be relied on for consistently-accurate directions and

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Self Manage Your Well Being with Two New Health Tracking Apps

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and an iPhone is nearly five ounces, then how many trips to the doctor can you avoid with new wellness tracking apps Body & Mind Connection for iPhone [App Store, $0.99] and iPad [App Store, $0.99] and Optimism [App Store, Free*]?

In both apps, you spend a short amount of time each day assigning number ratings to mood, amount of sleep and exercise, how healthily you ate, etc. The apps then help you establish relationships between lifestyle factors and various areas of well being, and ultimately help you reach your goals with their fancy progress-tracking charts.


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