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Product Review: BoxWave Nuovo (3rd-gen iPad) Case

Whether you need a case of distinctiveness or a minimalistic piece conforming to the typically-expected standards coming along with a modern iOS device case, BoxWave typically delivers. With a new iPad in-tow for design adjustments, they brought to market one of the first precision-designed cases created specifically for the third-generation iPad. Which of their typical forays does the BoxWave Nuovo fall in?


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Review: Boxwave’s AcoustiMax In-Ear Headphones

Comfort, design, quality — everything that Boxwave’s AcoustiMax In-Ear Headphones are equipped with. I was sent a pair of these headphones just the other day, and my first impressions were pretty strong. Other than the simplistic, okay packaging, the headphones were in mint condition and looking greater than ever. On

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Boxwave Armor Case Review for iPod Touch 4th Generation

How many of you don’t really mind a case that doesn’t look real nice, but will protect your iPod Touch undoubtedly? Boxwave didn’t really take looks into account when designing their Armor Case for the iPod Touch 4th generation; it’s not something you’d want to go show off, but it

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Boxwave Mini Capacitive Stylus Review

Tiny little accessories have always peaked my interest, mainly because of their portability and simply, their small size. Boxwave’s Mini Capacitive Stylus definitely fits into that category and easily peaked my interest when I first saw it. Though it’s a great little product, I’m not quite sure how often people

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BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case Review

BoxWave makes a foray into a unique, niche segment of the iPhone case market with its Keyboard Buddy Case. Of course, that is the segment that features what some view as a necessity, a built-in physical keyboard. With a tiny, but growing number of choices, there is a lot of

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Clock App Bug Causes Strange Grey Screen, Possible Fixes Found

A number of users have been reporting some issues with the iPhone's clock app. Some users claim that when they try to access their alarm clocks, they are met with a strange grey screen that won't go away, and is sometimes followed by the app suddenly quitting. Two possible fixes for this have been uncovered.


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