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Home Depot Builds New Relationship with Apple; New iPhones Due for Employees

There soon will be new iPhones for Home Depot staff. One by one, government agencies and corporations are dropping BlackBerry for the iPhone. The home improvement retail chain is the latest to hold the distinction of being one of these entities.

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NYTimes Praises, Pulls Pulse Reader From App Store

At a time when newspaper readership is at an all-time low, newspaper publishers need to find new and better ways to get its content to the public. The iPad looks to be a great resource for newspapers all over the world for getting new readers and increase their revenue. The problem these publishers are facing right now is that they are fighting the next generation of news publishing instead of embracing it — much in the same way record labels fought the iPod and MP3s. Pulse News Reader for iPad is a perfect example, as it was pulled from the app store by a request from The New York Times.


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