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iOS 5.0.1 Released to Public, How to Update Without iTunes

It seems that Apple decided to go ahead and give the go to iOS 5.0.1 earlier than we had initially thought. Releasing today, the update brings along multiple new minor features, the most significant, however, being the highly anticipated iPhone 4S battery patch.

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Apple Readies iOS 5.0.1 for Public Release

Pretty much since the day of the launch of the iPhone 4S this past October 14th, users reported that they were having problems with the battery life of the device. Rather than posing as an improvement to last year’s iteration of the iPhone, the 4S could barely make it through

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Review: Infinit Power Pack, External Battery

Infinit Solar Bags takes their stand in the long list of companies offering external batteries, and iPhoneAlley is covering one of their intelligent, power-providing products. The Power Pack is available on their main website for 35 British Pounds, which equates to around $56. Albeit the battery is a bit pricey,

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PADACS PowerCase for iPhone 4 Review

PADACS enters into the iPhone 4 battery-extending game with its PowerCase contender, which looks to take on the likes of leaders like Mophie, and it does succeed in a few ways, albeit with a few caveats. Should this be your choice for extra juice when it counts? Read on to

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DIY – Replace Your iPhone’s Battery

If nothing I posted yesterday will work in prolonging your iPhone’s battery life, there are always other measures you can take. Along with taking your device in to your local Apple store, DIY battery replacement is also an option that you may want to refer to if you want a

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Tips: iPhone Battery Draining Too Fast?

Let’s face it people: whether it be excessive sunlight exposure, too much use, or what, after a while your iPhone battery does start to drain much faster. Below are a few tips to maximize your iPhone’s battery life and keep it from draining as fast as it normally would. 1.

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Make Your iPhone “Play Dead” to Keep the Battery Alive Longer

“You have an iPhone?! Can I see it? Does it have Doodle Jump/Angry Birds?” Even after all of these years, people can still act like another person’s iPhone is the coolest thing ever and that they have not seen a computer in ten years. If somebody wants to check Facebook

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How to Survive Saturday’s Apocalypse With an iPhone (Humor…?)

Now that idiots have made this Saturday, May 21, 2011 a “guaranteed” date for the ultimate impending doom – the beginning of a six-month apocalypse, it is only fitting that the most feature-rich device arguably ever assists you in going above and beyond the rest of the troubled pack (of

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Lenmar iBatteryCase for iPhone 4 Review

Lenmar’s iBatteryCase for the iPhone 4 features a 1700mAh battery in a fairly attractive and protective rubberized black case. While the iPhone battery case market is expanding, Lenmar has one unique thing going on with this case that is a card that they should keep close to really make the

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If You Want an iPad 2 Soon, You Will Need to Find One Now

As disaster strikes Japan, it has consequences both in the country and worldwide. It can be surprising just how far-reaching this disaster is, with it even affecting iPad 2 production. It is a tragedy for the many Japanese people and those with family in Japan, and we had previously written about how you

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