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Tips: Avoid Roaming Charges When Traveling Internationally

I'm going out of the country soon, and I lay in bed last night wondering how I would avoid exorbitant roaming charges if I received calls or accessed the local data network in my destination country. So I did some research and have included some tips below that will help make sure you don't incur any fees when traveling internationally.


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AT&T, Verizon Drop Lawsuits Over Coverage Map Ads

Although it's been fun watching Verizon and AT&T compare 3G maps in recent ads as well as launch lawsuits at each other over this, the hostilities may have ended. On Wednesday, the two wireless companies reportedly ceased hostilities, which kicked off earlier this year when Verizon launched a series of ads deriding AT&T’s poor 3G coverage. In response, AT&T opted to take the litigious road to Verizon’s low road, asking a federal judge to stop the ads, which it called misleading, from airing; that request was ultimately denied. The suit AT&T filed also sought damages and a preliminary hearing was set for December 16th.


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