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New Verizon Ad Claims Their 4G LTE Network Is Twice As Fast As ATT’s

An ad that recently started airing claims that Verizon’s 4G LTE network is twice as fast as AT&T’s by testing phones from both carriers against each other. The ad, which I saw yesterday, simulates a rescue team’s process of rescuing. In other words, two people, each with phones from ATT

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Verizon’s iPhone 4 Putting a Damper on Android Growth

Verizon customers yearning for a modern, full-featured touchscreen device (aka iPhone) had the option of an Android device or an Android device for years until the day finally came when the iPhone was made available on that carrier. In the past, it seemed that this significant Verizon-tethered group of people

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Unlocked iPhone 4 Available on the Apple Website

Yesterday, Apple began selling unlocked iPhone 4s on their online store.  Is this leading the way for iPhones to be available on all US carriers? Unlocked iPhones have been available since last year in Canada, France and the UK but starting yesterday you can buy them in the US.  You

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Apple to Put Dent in Carriers’ Revenue Without Warning

Among the many new features in iOS 5, the one feature that’s set to annoy carriers is iMessage, Apple’s take on a messaging service. For the most part, it replaces text messaging when talking to iPhone users in the same way that BlackBerry Messenger does for BlackBerry phones. Communicating for

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Walmart Puts New iPhone 4 On-Sale at Cheapest Price Yet

Okay, we know that you would need a reason to go to Walmart for an iPhone 4 purchase. Prior to today, it would be easy to come up with tons of reasons to go elsewhere to a more tech-savvy store (wait, it still is). Does a 26% discount entice you?

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AT&T Hints at iPhone 4S/5 Announcement on Monday

It seems like no coincidence that AT&T has been removing iPhone 4 from prime positions in its Wireless online store, trying to keep it away from a customer’s view, as early as days (though now we’re approaching hours) before WWDC. In past years, new iterations of the iPhone have been

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Redesigned iOS 5.0 Practically Makes iPhone 3GS Irrelevant

It seems two years really is how often you should buy a new phone at the least, especially if you’re on the smartphone side of the spectrum. A recent rumor reported by MacStories only reinforces this, as iOS 5.0 may (probably won’t) run on iPhone 3GS or older models. Of

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Why the End of Unlimited Mobile Data Is Even Worse Than It Sounds

Well, the mobile industry is ready to take a step backwards in pricing, practically together in one step. Unnecessarily getting around to adapting to how smartphones actually give us use for the “unlimited data” we pay for, this week Verizon followed AT&T as the second major carrier to announce the removal

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Verizon: One Next-Gen iPhone Will Support Both AT&T and Verizon

During the Reuters Global Technology Summit, Fran Shammo, Chief Financial Officer of Verizon, mentioned how the next iPhone will include simultaneous support for CDMA and GSM networks. This would allow AT&T and Verizon to sell the same iPhone models, thus there would be no delays between the carriers’ availability. He goes

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AT&T’s $50 iPhone 3GS Outselling Newer Android Phones

After almost two years on AT&T, the carrier recently dropped the iPhone 3GS’s price further from $200 to $100 to its current price of $50. Despite its age, the iPhone 4′s predecessor is still selling at a steady pace thanks to its new price. While buyers are not getting the

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