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New Android App Makes Multitasking With Your iPhone Easier

Over 200,000 Android users have already been enjoying the multitasking app from Thrutu, and starting today, iPhone users can get in on the action too. The Thrutu app allows mobile device users to find a location by sending a live map, or useful information to other phones without having to

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App Store Volume Purchasing for Businesses, Coming Soon

The Blackberry is undoubtedly still winning among most businesses. Apart from its reliable hardware and steadily built name, the Blackberry boasts a various amount of features that appeal to the likes of companies. However, Apple’s taking their first step to compete; coming soon is the volume purchasing program for businesses

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BlackBerry App World Deceivingly Competitive with a Billion Downloads

Sure, it isn’t quite the App Store’s recent astonishing fifteen-billion download milestone, but for another mobile app hub to reach its own billion download milestone in the same week shows that Apple is not alone in strong application distribution. Research In Motion is the next to make news with reports

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How Much Does Apple Actually Make from the App Store?

Apple has been pretty open with everyone on how many applications have been downloaded from the app store. Progressively, as each major figure is reached, announcements are made. Last week, Apple announced that a total of more than 15 billion applications had been downloaded from the app store – a

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iPad App Selection Passes the 100,000 Mark

The App Store hits another major milestone as there are now over 100,000 fully iPad-optimized apps available for your tapping, swiping, and multi-touching pleasure. It took just around a year and three months, which is an extremely impressive timeframe for any platform to grow so substantially. Yes ladies and gentlemen,

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Automatic Over-the-Air Updating Practically Confirmed

Somebody that works on iTunes must be going “oops” right about now. For a brief period of time, the “My App Updates” page in iTunes mentioned an Automatic Download feature that would allow updates to be downloaded over-the-air without prompts to an iOS device. The line that gave away the

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No Two iPhones are Alike

With almost 400,000 apps available in the iTunes store and with the ability to customize the iPhone, are any iPhones alike? In a time where customization rules and factory settings drool, the iPhone has become as personal as a fingerprint. As of March 2011, over 108 million iPhones have been

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New iOS/Mac Hybrid Device Coming Soon?

iTunes has been listing a completely new device with a placeholder name under “requirements” for some apps in the App Store. Where iTunes lists which devices an app is compatible with, a few apps have been appearing as being compatible with “iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName.” Since only iTunes

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Atari App Hits the iPhone

In October of 1977 the Atari was launched and quickly entered almost every household across the country. Most children and even adults of the 80s were captivated by Pong, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Pitfall and more. Oh, to go back to the days of playing Atari while I drank Tang in

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iPhone Magic

When I was growing up my dad was a magician as a second job. He’s throw on his tux with a pink ruffled shirt and grab his tackle box full of tricks. At that time, I didn’t think there was anything he couldn’t do. He still to this day, won’t

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