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Where Apple Dropped the iPhone 5 Price from $840 to $93

During his visit to China, Tim Cook called the country the second most important market for Apple. The company’s strategy in Asia has been Greater China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, where revenue grew 60% in the holiday quarter to $7.3 billion. These are great numbers, but what about India,

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Are We Suffering from Mobile App Burnout?

The New York Times’ Jenna Wortham thinks we are. She has about 259 apps installed on her iPhone. While I have roughly 170, I do have to agree with her: I hardly use 20–25 apps on a regular basis.

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Apple Saves the Day for Halo 4 Scam Victims

Fans of Halo 4 got an unwelcome surprise when they downloaded apps that were ostensibly official apps connected with the massively popular game. Unfortunately, it appears that the fans were unwitting victims of developers who didn’t exactly deliver what they promised. Two apps which were advertised as Halo 4 ports

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App Store Hits New Milestones

Packed and with room to grow, the App Store continues to climb with the hopes and prospects of app developers that have not seized to fill it with almost every type of app imaginable – significantly more than any other app marketplace on any platform. With a figure other operating

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App Store Searches Now Emphasize Keywords and User Ratings

Developers, start working on improving your keyword choices and (potentially annoying) plans to get five-star user reviews since Apple has been fiddling with the App Store's method for sorting applications over the past two weeks. With an adjusted algorithm in-tow, the App Store no longer emphasizes application names in the order it lists aps. Instead, the more finely-tuned search system has been placing its sorting weight on user ratings, keywords, and app descriptions.


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Win Big Straight from Apple’s Newest Contest to Celebrate a Large App Store Milestone

The App Store was started just 4 years ago, in July of 2008, and it's already nearing yet another major milestone. As the number of iOS devices owned worldwide continues to surge with every quarter, the App Store is nearing a total of 25 billion cumulative download, and someone somewhere is going to win a $10,000 iTunes giftcard straight from the Cupertino-based company.


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7 Year Old iOS Developer, Connor Zamary Releases Application

I know when I was seven, I was outside with a couple of friends selling cans of soda and overly-sugared cups of lemonade rather than setting up my own LLC and developing my own, decent looking game for any sort of game marketplace. That’s what 7-year old Connor has supposedly

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An App Store Battle: Ridiculous Fishing Gets A Blatant Copy, Ninja Fishing

Recently a developer, Vlambeer claimed that another developer’s iOS game in the making, Gamenauts’ Ninja Fishing, was a copy of their original fishing title. That so called “ripoff” rolled onto the App Store just a few days ago, while Vlambeer’s official title is still in the making for iOS as

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Namco Releases Pac-Man Twitter Client

This news comes courtesy of AppShopper’s according page: Namco have devoted developing resources to developing a full-featured Twitter client for iOS. They’ve strayed away from their norm of games and instead have downloaded a nice utility — especially nice if you’re a retro gamer dying to get your hands on

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Apple Spreading the Joy – App Store Available in 33 Additional Countries

The App Store has most definitely been the decisive factor for people buying an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad or not. Apple is now deciding to spread the joy to other parts of the world and have now added App Store support for an additional 33 countries on top of

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