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Apple’s API Change Enables App Downloads Through Facebook

Remember when users had to go to the App Store to download new apps? Those days are over, at least somewhat, for Facebook for iOS 6 users. App developers who pay a per-click fee to Facebook can now make their products available for download through a pop-up window in a

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Additional Details About Expected Facebook Integration Surface

Just a few days ago, we noted the possibility that Facebook could in fact be finally deeply integrated into the roots of iOS, kudos to TechCrunch. 9to5Mac has revealed more details regarding the integration and how exactly it will work.


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Apple Implementing Facial Detection Software in iOS 5

It’s yet to be revealed when iOS 5, the anticipated, new iOS, will be making its introduction to the public. What we do know are the prominent features that will be included with the revolutionary new OS, and one noticeable addition is the implementation of facial detection software and APIs.

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