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Jailbreak Users Can Trace-to-Type with Swype

Swype has been a trusty alternative to the typical touch keyboard on other mobile platforms. Simply quickly swipe your way from key-to-key and Swype can predict each and every word with an impressive accuracy. Anybody with a jailbroken iPhone can get in on the tracing action, albeit unofficially through developer

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Verizon’s iPhone 4 Putting a Damper on Android Growth

Verizon customers yearning for a modern, full-featured touchscreen device (aka iPhone) had the option of an Android device or an Android device for years until the day finally came when the iPhone was made available on that carrier. In the past, it seemed that this significant Verizon-tethered group of people

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Harp is an an application that allows you to play a simulated harp. Easy controls allow you to strum at 'strings' and choose from a staggering 168 chords on the left-hand side. The line of keys on the right side corresponds with whichever chord structure you choose on the left to give you scales, and swiping this gives the effect of a harp's strings being plucked.


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