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Amazon and Walmart Sidestep Apple’s App Store Guidelines

Apple’s revised app store restrictions have not been popular with third party developers, publishers and other companies. Many have been figuring out new ways to deliver their content on iOS devices while avoiding giving Apple a cut of their profits. On Wednesday, both Amazon and Walmart launched web-based services that

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Apple Experimenting With an E-Ink/LCD Hybrid Display?

It seems like it may be “Apple patents exposed” week. Another recent Apple patent has been discovered that would be an additional step towards improving the iPhone’s design with unique, evolutionary features in time for the next iteration. The patent outlines a concept for the ability to switch between e-Paper

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Apple Sends Out SMS Notification About iPhone 3G Adapter Recall

Apple is continuing to do what they can to get the word out about their recall of the faulty Ultracompact USB Power Adapters. Yesterday they issued an SMS message to all iPhone 3G owners in the affected areas notifying them about the recall and telling them what they should do if they are affected by it.


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