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Samsung Runs Anti-iPhone 5 Ad in Newspapers

In what seems like quite a childish attempt to undermine the iPhone 5, Samsung today ran an ad in Sunday newspapers blatantly declaring its anti-iPhone 5 view. You haven't seen desperate until you've seen this.


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AT&T Stops Online iPhone Sales Due To Network Quality (Or Sales Fraud?) [Update: Available Again]

AT&T has halted all online sales of new iPhone handsets for all persons registered as residing in New York City. Anyone with a zip code registered in New York has not been able to purchase an iPhone online. It has been confirmed in various calls, and attempts to make an online purchase with a NY zip code have failed. An AT&T representative has  said over the phone that it was to avoid increasing the strain on AT&T's network in that area, but further comments point to the possibility of online sales fraud as the culprit.


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