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iPhone Alley Weekly Giveaway #6

Other than covering daily affairs in the iOS world, we here at iPhone Alley also like to please both our developers and readers. So, in order to do so, we now giveaway a large amount of promo codes each week. Today is our 6th week in doing so, and we've got a total of 30 promo codes to distribute among our followers. Apps include Current Weather, Mos Speedrun, Blot, Momento and more!


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NewsGator Technologies Now Offering TapLynx iPhone Development Framework

If you can create a web site using WYSIWYG technologies, then it should follow that you can do the same with iPhone applications. According to Macworld, TapLynx from NewsGator Technologies allows anyone to build an iPhone app, complete with features like embedded video, Twitter hooks, and e-mail-to-a-friend.


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