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The iPhone: One of the Only Smartphones to Maintain a Spot in a List of Top 20

Here’s something that will blow you’re mind – that is if you’re not a full Apple enthusiast, considering those mentioned people have probably been expecting it and will be the least surprised to hear that the iPhone is one of two smartphones to remain in the list of top 20

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Verizon Doesn’t Care About The iPhone Anymore, Waiting On The Next ‘iPhone Killer?’

Today Verizon let the world know that it doesn't really care about the iPhone being exclusive to AT&T, stating that "Exclusivity arrangements promote competition and innovation in device development and design." The statement was made in a letter announcing Verizon's plans to allow smaller carriers (with 500,000 customers or less) to get exclusive Verizon phones six months after they're released. Although Verizon didn't come right out and say it, reading between the lines you get the impression that Verizon would rather hold out for the next "iPhone killer" than take the iPhone from AT&T. Discuss!


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