USBfever’s Eggshell Case Review for iPod Touch 4 – A cheap solution for protection with lots of quality but not so much looks

As I’ve mentioned, the new iPod has been a purchase I’ve made this year taking place of my older 2G device. Since the new iPod has a whole new different design, I couldn’t use my old cases. With the few that are currently available for purchase, the Eggshell from USBfever is a great example of a cheap solution that meets all of your needs.

The Eggshell comes in three colors of which two are currently available for purchase. It comes in a crystal clear form, a smoky black which is somewhat like gray, and a solid black.

For starters, the case can be bought for only $14.99: an excellent price considering the quality of the other useful contents you’ll find inside the box.

The design of the case is like that of any other. It’s nothing unique to look at as it’s simply a sheet of plastic that fits tightly on your iPod. Though, it’s simple to look at, it’s does a great job with keeping your iPod safe. It fits firmly on your iPod with no spare room whatsoever, and doesn’t seem like it’ll fall off too easily. Additionally, the case is very thin adding little or no bulk onto your iPod.

Installing the case is done by sliding in the top part of your iPod into the corresponding side of the case, and pressing the bottom part down until your hear a click or vice versa. Taking it off is much easier than most other snap-on case because of the fact that the case is pretty flimsy and can be bent off rather than pried with force. Though it’s a convenience, it had me wondering how much stress the case would take before finally snapping.

When the case is on, everything is accessible with the plastic not getting in the way at all. There are no additional covers on top of your volume rockers and sleep button, but the buttons don’t seem like they’d get affected because of the jutting out feature of the plastic that extends past them. On the bottom of your iPod, the speaker grill along with the headphone jack and the charge and sync port are completely exposed for use like you would normally. And truly making the case compatible with the iPod Touch 4 is the sideways raindrop shaped cutout on the back for the camera.

Along with the case, you also get a screen protector that can quickly be applied using the squeegee, and a whole additional product that would make a good accessory on its own. It is basically a rubber mushroom shaped add-on to your iPod that serves as two different things. Using the suction cup on the back, you can attach the product onto the back of your iPod and use it as either a stand or as a headphone/cable organizer. This is great for traveling with your iPod in maybe a handbag, but not so much regular use in your pocket because the rubber is rather long and gets in the way.

The case is extremely cheap, simple, and does just what it’s supposed to do. You get a quality case along with a screen protector and a stand/organizer all in one package. For new buyers of the newest iPod model, the Eggshell is the way to go if you’re looking for protection and not so much looks.