TheHiShop Bunker Ring Review

As far as quirky accessories go, the Bunker Ring, by TheHiShop, does earn its place among the top. Though it’s an odd idea, it’s very well justified and just as well executed, creating a fine safety measure when using your iPhone, iPod Touch and even iPad.

The Bunker Ring is a multi-purpose iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad accessory available for $14.95. Its first, primary purpose is to keep you from dropping your device while vigorously gaming or simply carrying your device around in your hands. The second is to aid in standing your device up hands-free.

Let me explain the concept behind the ring: the ring will stick your device, and then you can slide your finger into the ring, which ensures safety to your device. Sliding your finger into the ring does not get in the way of landscape gaming, because that’s where your fingers would be even without the ring in place. Thanks to the wonderful design of the Bunker Ring, installation takes a matter of seconds. The bottom plate of the ring’s matte finish has a sort of adhesive that lets you stick it onto your device. You can stick it wherever and in whatever direction. Because of the swivel nature of the ring itself, the position at which the plate is stuck down does not matter; you can turn it, so it’s comfortable no matter how you’re holding your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Plus, the ring is made out of a flexible rubber, so you’re not getting any sort of chafing or scratches on your finger.

The second purpose that the Bunker Ring is built for, is to stand up your device hands-free. By turning the ring into the proper direction, you can stand up your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It works reliably, and with the ability to stick the ring anywhere on the back of your device, you’re getting an almost endless amount of viewing positions.

Naturally, you wouldn’t put the responsibility to keeping your iDevice from smashing to the ground in the hands of anything with the size of the Bunker Ring. Though, for its size, it’s got a killer grip if you have correctly installed the accessory. When you’re done using the Bunker Ring, you can pull it off with ease; no residue is left behind, and the sticky adhesive doesn’t wear off immediately, anyways.

Also included in the simplistic packaging, is a film for your iPhone 4.

You’re getting your money’s worth here. A solid accessory that serves two purposes, and sells for cheap, isn’t something you can easily pass up. The Bunker Ring is available for $14.95, so check it out if what was said above peaked your interest in any way.

Check out TheHiShop’s official demo of the Bunker Ring: