Sugru Review – A Better Fix For Well…Everything!

I’m sure many of you have encountered problems with Apple’s standard supplied gear. I’m also sure many of you look for creative ways to make your iPod or iPhone look like you with a tint of your personality attached to the back. Well, the search has stopped with Sugru!

Sugru is a long lasting, rubber-like material that I like to think of as magical. Yes, magical. Why? Because this little genius of a creation can do pretty much anything that you ever wanted. It can preserve your electronics, make certain items look a whole lot better, cushion different items, and a whole plethora of other things.

The Sugru is basically a clever combination of silicone and rubber soft to the touch which later hardens and sets permanently. When you buy Sugru from the website, the package comes with a certain number of sachets with the actual stuff inside. It is available in four different colors which the quantity of each, depending on which option you use to purchase, will differ.

When you open up a hatchet of Sugru, you’re met with a flat layer of Sugru – your first impression: Play Dough!! However, the Sugru may be soft and squishy when you open it, but turns permanent after a few hours of being exposed to oxygen.

So, what did I use the Sugru for, and why am I reviewing it? Well, I have had an instance and have heard about many instances where either the headphones cable or the charge&sync (this mainly) cable, included standard with the purchase of your iPhone or iPod, starts to peel at the ends. This means that the bare insides of the wire are vulnerable. This particular situation happened with my charge&sync cable forcing me into a mode of paranoia; I couldn’t touch my wire without worrying. I tried insulation tape with no luck. I tried two layers of insulation tape with again no luck. So, I was about to give up when I found Sugru. Using the softness of the Sugru to my advantage, I used up a hatchet of the orange color to fix my wire, and it is working great so far.

After installing my Sugru onto my wire, I let it dry without use for about 16-24 hours (thanks to my Mophie, I was able to survive!). Once I was sure the Sugru was all dry and tough, I started using my wire. None of the Sugru seeped into the wire causing internal damage (of course it wouldn’t, it’s not a liquid), and the wire works as perfectly as it would’ve without the Sugru, of course without the threat of my wire being ruined for life.

Since I now have 11 more sachets of Sugru left, it’s time for experimentation time. If you have not faced the problem of “Wire Tearing”, then the Sugru can help in other situations: you can make a grip for a tool, repair some other leaky or torn item, or just be creative and buy a plain, white silicone case for you to decorate and attach to your iPhone or iPod. The amount of things you could do with your Sugru is pretty much endless!

On the website, you will find pictures, all about the Sugru, and of course a place to buy a packet which you’ll be needing soon enough anyways. You can buy a package of 12 sachets for about $16.50, or 6 sachets, in the color of your choice for about $9.00. This genius creation is a useful companion with an endless amount of possibilities strung to it. It is a life saver, a comfort creator, a fixer, a decoration, and so much more. Even better, it’s a great purchase well within the average budget!