Review: The HiShop Oleophobic Protective Screen for iPod Touch 4

What makes this screen shield different from the rest? It’s manufactured to prevent fingerprints, hence the oleophobic in the name. TheHiShop’s Oleophobic Protective Screen is a protective shield for the iPod Touch 4th generation that claims to protect against smudges better than other films and provide the best screen definition.

Yes, those claims are true. The film is an easy-to-apply adhesive shield that is available for $6.50. It comes in one piece for only the front of your device.

I’m not the best at applying shields, so I was pretty glad when this one went on smoothly. There were hiccups in the process, nor did I have to reapply. Once you peel the backing off, the adhesive side instantly sticks to your device. The bubbles didn’t stay for too long; in just a few hours, the front of my device looked pristine and clean.

Along with the film, there was an installation cloth, which is meant to be used to clean the front of your device before applying. It’s nothing special, but it was helpful that it was included.

I really do hate when oil from your fingers smudges on the screen. This shield does a considerably good job in keeping your screen smudge/fingerprint-free. And that would be the only separation between this film and the whole plethora of films available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can check it out on TheHiShop for a sale price of $6.50. The same film is also available for the iPhone.