Review: Infinit Power Pack, External Battery

Infinit Solar Bags takes their stand in the long list of companies offering external batteries, and iPhoneAlley is covering one of their intelligent, power-providing products. The Power Pack is available on their main website for 35 British Pounds, which equates to around $56. Albeit the battery is a bit pricey, it’s wonderful capacity and ability to satisfy when in need of battery easily makes it a top contender in its market and a companion you’ll for sure learn to appreciate.

If you’re an avid user of your iOS device, the need of an external source of power is inevitable. You don’t want your phone or iPod to suddenly die on you when you don’t have access to usable power, and if it does, you definitely need something you can rely on. Hence, there are many, many solutions available for such instances. Infinit’s take on the battery could easily take the cake for the best of such backup resorts as its reliable and provides enough charge to last you a lot longer than any other battery that I’ve tested before.

Along in the packaging comes the battery itself, as well as six plugs that will work with a variety of devices and also a charging cable. This means that the battery wasn’t built solely for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and instead can be used with many of your other portable media devices too. That’s one way that the Power Pack is the ultimate companion for when you’re running low on battery — with any of your devices.

There are two ports on the battery used for charging. One is your normal USB port and the other is a DC out port. The charging cable that comes with the battery has a plug that can fit into both of these ports on opposite ends. This cable is used for charging the battery itself as well as attaching the external plugs to the battery, which is great as it creates the amount of things you need to use the Power Pack at a minimal.


Portability obviously wasn’t something thought of when designing the Power Pack; it’s larger compared to the average external battery and is also considerably heavier, though not unbearable or game-changing. Thus, it currently isn’t too ideal for carrying around in a pocket. Instead, it could easily fit into a purse or into a carry-on backpack/suitcase when flying or driving. On top of that, the many plugs that are given, along with the universal wire that needs to be used with each, have a relatively long plastic foundation. In effect, the Power Pack tends to be longer than it needs to when you’re physically using it; it certainly wouldn’t be my first choice when looking for a battery that can easily be carried around.

So, if it’s not too ideal for traveling why would I still recommend it as one of the top contenders for your battery juice needs? Just one full charge of the battery will be enough to keep your iPhone or iPod Touch battery charging 3-4 times over (that’s what I’ve found out). So even if you don’t have accessibility to a reliable power source for awhile, say maybe in an airport during a long layover, although most airports have charging stations nowadays, you’re good to go.

As I said earlier, the need for an external battery is inevitable. At some point or time, if you are an Apple fanboy constantly finding yourself in need of a little extra juice for your iPhone’s, iPod Touch’s or iPad’s battery, you’re definitely going to need to depend on a battery such as the Power Pack. It’s got a large capacity, has the ability to charge multiple devices instead of being propriatary to your iOS devices and it is even available in black or white meaning it easily appeals to many of the aspects you’d consider when shopping for a battery. In spite of the few personal gripes that I encountered, the Power Pack (35 British Pounds ยป 56 US Dollars) was a joy to spend time with, and I stand fully behind my recommendation to buy the product.