Proporta Aluminum Lined Leather Style Pouch Review for iPad

As part of our extensive amount of iPad-compatible case reviews, today we’re going to take a look at Proporta’s Aluminum Lined Leather Style Pouch engineered to comfortably stow your device. Coming in at a meager $26.95, the case offers all-around protection at an affordable price and is an obvious contender when it comes to cases.

One of Proporta’s many iPad solutions, the Aluminum Lined Leather Style Pouch augments the natural, modern aesthetic of the iPad. Without a doubt, the iPad is one of the more stylish tablets available: its smooth curves and simplistic design coalesce beautifully reflecting Jony Ive’s visionary talent over at Apple. The pouch only adds to this glamour rather than falter it.

The pouch’s design is quite extraordinary. An aluminum frame supports the other part of the overall construction to prevent against crushing and to absorb shock. The rest of the pouch is constructed from a high-quality leather with svelte qualities. All around the pouch’s edges, it is decorated with a stitching. Other than the one prominent stitching running down the left side of the leather, which proves to be an attractive accent, the other stitches are nicely subtle.

I have to be completely honest: repeatedly sliding my iPad into the pouch and then taking it out did become a bit cumbersome. The iPad isn’t a small device, and putting it into the pouch and then taking it out similarly isn’t a small task; rather than difficult, it was soon tedious, and I noticed that I resented using my iPad at some times.

Extract all of the good qualities from the Aluminum Lined Leather Style Pouch – the wonderful accented visual design and the top-notch materials used – and put them into a case rather than a pouch, and you’ve got yet another Proporta masterpiece.

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