Sinjimoru Sync Stand Review – An Overall Better Way to Sync

Luxuries are of course..luxuries. I mean they’re just things that you take for granted that make things better and more enjoyable. Syncing an iPod Touch, iPhone, or any other iPod is easy. You just take the wire and plug it in -there’s no driver installation or anything else too complicated. (well there is, but only for the first time.) Well this luxury, the Sinjimoru Sync Stand, is one that makes syncing even easier on your hands!

There’s really nothing wrong with syncing or plugging an iDevice in to the computer regularly. All you do is pick up the device and the wire, plug it in, and set it down. The Sync Stand from Sinjomoru lets you do all of that good stuff but eliminates having to pick up your wire.

If you’ve ever used a dock, you know that the iDevice simply plugs in and then everything else is done for you. The Sync Stand is a product that lets you stand up your device while also letting it charge or sync. With its clever cutouts it’s one of the better products that I’ve had.

The stand is really just a piece of plastic shaped into a nice looking alternative. When you open up the simple packaging that it comes in, you’ll be faced with only the stand wrapped protectively. On the box itself, you’ll see a short series of pictures that tries to illustrate what you have to do in order to have it working like it should. Since I had trouble with doing what it says to, and I’m sure you will too, let me elaborate further in depth: So what you’re trying to do in the beginning is install your charge and sync wire into the stand. The wire has to stay put on something, which is where the tricky part comes along. Where the wire should fit in, all there is is just a simple plastic cover that makes it impossible to put your wire underneath unless you take it off. Just by looking, you’d think that sliding it would make it come off which is what you eventually have to do, l but based on the instructions I had no idea what I should do; all it had was a picture of the stand, a hand holding the plastic cover, and an arrow pointing downwards. When I tried to slide off the cover, it didn’t budge. Well, after searching the amazing YouTube, I found a video that showed to do it: all you do is get a good grip on the piece and yank really hard and the housing will just fall off. Who would think that’s what you should do? That’s like inviting the plastic to crack. But it so happens that the plastic is sturdy and will take a serious beating before it cracks just a bit.

So, once you get the housing off, everything’s straightforward. After you have installed the wire, your sync stand is ready for use. You can plug in your iPod or iPhone, and let it do its thing.

What other use does this products serve? Of course, a stand. Without plugging in your device, you can lay it down on the surface and the back part of the stand will keep it from toppling backwards. You can adjust the angle, and the positioning: portrait or landscape. You can lay pretty much any type of Apple device on it with any case or even any other electronic you use.

The stand has been engineered so that it won’t crack if it fell from a considerable height. From the sturdiness of the plastic that makes the thing, to the soft rubbery pads on the bottom the Sinjimoru Sync Stand is a quality product with a great alternative offered. The Sync Stand is available in three colors from anywhere between 7 bucks to 20.