Review: Spigen SGP Klasden Levanaus Backpack Series

Backpacks have long been regarded as large and bulky methods of transporting your gadgets around. Spigen SGP’s Klasden Levanaus series of high-quality backpacks completely nullifies all of these claims; in fact, it’s roomy, extremely comfortable, and quite affordable coming in at only $89.99 – an irresistible price for a backpack with this kind of sophistication.

The pack is constructed of a smooth water-resistant nylon that ensures its shape will not change to uncomfortably hinder your carrying experience. Despite the amount of things you stuff inside, the stylish outward design won’t falter a bit in any shape or form.

Most people have seen a wide variety of laptop bags; I, in fact, own a few. However, I’ve never seen one quite as well executed for the gadget-oriented user who needs to transport multiple devices. A faux-fur covered pouch within the pack’s main compartment allows the storage of a laptop up to 15 inches, and a smaller packet can easily house an iPad or other tablet of similar size. The inside portion of the backpack is simply littered with other organization pockets each with different functionality; you’ll have a pocket tailored to hold your iPhone comfortably, as well as countless others for pens, pencils and other smaller items. All of your cables have been accommodated thanks to the velcro straps embedded into the inside material .

The outside design isn’t limited to one large pocket, though. There are four exterior pockets. Yet another faux-fur-lined pocket, two zippered pockets where the shoulder straps meet the base, and another regular pocket. The zippers to unveil the insides of these pockets felt like they were constantly under immense stress, and that they would break at any second; other than the metal base, the zippers consist of only a thread-like setup to be pulled back and forth. On the straps themselves, you’ll find areas designated to cable-management. Here you can conveniently route your headphones and such without the hassle of tangled wires.

Spigen has specifically engineered the backpack to be as delightfully optimal to the user as can be. Each of the shoulder straps are padded with a soft foam-like material to cushion the user’s shoulders, and the back of the pack has also been lined with such material for a similar purpose. Despite the small size of the backpack, the large amount of pockets boasted by the interior and exterior parts of the backpack allow for an increased number of transportable items.

We were completely satisfied with the Klasden Levanaus backpack, minor qualms aside. Without a doubt, you should pick it up for only $89.99 if you’re searching for a pack that will conveniently and comfortably carry all of your gadgets and gizmos.

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