Review: Otterbox Defender Series Case for the New iPad

Most people want to preserve the natural elegance of the new iPad while also admiring the thin aspect that the tablet boasts over others in its respective market. Often many don’t want a bulky case for their iPads, but some want rugged protection – with smartphones, the range of available accessories that can do just that is diverse, though with the iPad the selection is quite limited leaving the Otterbox Defender ($89.95), the most heavy-duty of their line of cases, a top contender for those seeking quality protection for their new iPads.

The case that Otterbox just recently began shipping out after taking preorders has been tweaked slightly to fit the new iPad as well as the iPad 2, of which the latter has a less tapered edge and a smaller width. You’ll still get the usual: three layers (well, questionably four) of protection and a load of reliable protection for your device.

Apple doesn’t sell the new, noteworthy iPad cheap – undoubtedly, you want to safeguard its contents. Most notably, its stunning retina display. Hence, Otterbox have created an affordable solution to dependably defend your iPad against the usual culprits. Though the case isn’t waterproof, you’ll be saved from severe internal damage from drops as well as external scratches, alike.

Installation of the case is time consuming yet quite simple in truth. An inner polycarbonate shell will house your new iPad (or alternatively the iPad 2). It’s divided into two parts, both of which will snap together using fasteners on either side of each of the halves. A silicone layer will wrap around the plastic fitting into the various grooves on the plastic flawlessly and snapping into place. These are the two layers that will protect the bezel and the whole body of your iPad. The screen, on the other hand, is incorporated into one of the aforementioned polycarbonate halves, which will lay over your display keeping it safe.

Another layer of protection has been deployed with this iteration of Otterbox’s highly popular case. An additional shield has been included with the case that can either snap onto the front of your device or the back. This will better protect your screen or alternatively the housing of your iPad. By simply lining up the four corners of the shield with the four respective corners of your iPad and snapping each one down consecutively, it will stay latched to your device.

The shield has two further functions that make the need for any other accessories for your iPad absolutely obsolete. Magnets have been incorporated into the shield which can be used to wake up your device and put it to sleep by removing the shield and applying it once more, respectively. You can similarly use the shield as a mean to prop up your iPad for hands-free use; directly latch two of the four corners and use the available angles of the build in folding stand. Unfortunately, only a few viewing angles are available.

Endeavoring to create a solution that appeals to many, the design of the Defender Series case for the new iPad is flawless. However, the actual appearance isn’t as stunning; the silicone cover scratches very easily and attracts lint. Similarly the plastic portion that is visible lining the bezel of the new iPad has a grainy polish that looks rather odd with the contrasting smoothness of the silicone. Regardless, the main aim of any of Otterbox’s cases is solely protection with a bit of attractiveness thrown in.

The multi-layer protection method employed by the Otterbox is highly effective. This allows users to feel a bit more free with their devices without the constant worry of it being damaged. So long as your new iPad doesn’t take a dip in any sort of liquid, the investment you’ll make in an Otterbox does a respectable job in protecting the pricey investment you’ve made in Apple’s newest creation – it doesn’t break the bank, and it successfully prevents your iPad from breaking. Save for the fact that the presentation hasn’t quite been mastered to a full extent, the Defender Series case is the optimal form of protection for the new iPad. It retails for $89.95 and is currently only available in black.

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