Otterbox Defender Series Case Review for iPhone 4S

The elegance of the iPhone 4S and its predecessor is, undeniably, irresistible. Jony Ive and his team have done an incredible job in keeping the handset looking slender and unique among others. The svelte qualities of the device are incomparable to others smartphones of the same breed, so you surely want to preserve that beauty that your Apple phone boasts over most others, right? Otterbox has established their name over the years in the area of reliable mobile coverage (protection-wise), and their solution compatible with Apple’s latest handset, the iPhone 4S, is a top contender if you’re looking for a hardy case with only a few minor caveats.

If you haven’t heard of Otterbox, you’re probably new to technology as a whole – they offer solutions for almost every single device available and have been extremely well received in the time of their existence. Just in case you’re not familiar with the signature products that they produce, they’re usually heavy-duty cases made from quality material. They’ve got four different series of cases, each providing a differing amount of protection and available for higher/lower prices dependent. Today we’ll be taking a look at the Defender Series case for Apple’s iPhone 4S available on Otterbox’s website for $49.95.

The Defender Series case is built inside and out with care. You have your deepest layer: the tough polycarbonate shell that encases your device. On top of that, you’ve got the soft-to-the-touch silicone layer that then layers the plastic shield to both give you another surface to depend on as well as a cushioned layer comfortable to be holding. The third layer of assurance is a plastic screen protector that comes attached to the plastic shell. Installation is a breeze, and surely rethought since the past versions of Otterbox’s cases. I remember a few of the cases I received for review for the iPod Touch 4th generation, and they were quite difficult to put on, which I’m sure isn’t an issue between each device’s case. The polycarbonate shield snaps in to two pieces, of which you simply slide your phone into and close. You then effortlessly stretch and pull the silicone skin over everything, which easily snaps into place. Well, to the extent that silicone “snaps”, if you will.

Water and other annoying substances are a huge culprit in device failure for the technology community in general. Unlike most other cases, the Otterbox has flaps cleverly built into the silicone layer. These cover up your dock connector, headphone jack, volume rocker and silent switch. While it can be a hassle to open the flaps each time you want to use the aforementioned things, it’s completely worth it for the accompanying protection as well as the reassuring click of the flaps when closing; much different from the last generation of Otterbox cases that has flaps always opening unwillingly.

Heavy duty, hardy, all-out protection does have its downside, which is inevitable. Once you install the Defender Series case, your iPhone instantaneously transforms into somewhat of a large, bulky figure in comparison to the sleek device we described earlier, which is a major caveat of all other competing cases. So in essence, you’re taking away one of the iPhone’s elegant features, while avoiding another, however, it’s definitely better to know that your phone isn’t being scratched, dented or having its innards harmfully shaken up.

Another qualm that I have with the case is debating whether or not the screen issue that I’m having will rectify itself over use. Currently, the responsive of my otherwise flawless capacitive case has decreased noticeably. Hardcore gaming would surely be aggravating because simple gaming is already difficult. Additionally, typing at your normal rate with the iOS keyboard won’t be possible if you’re a fast typer like I am. Hopefully, the screen will layer sink to the screen’s level or something, which I reckon is the cause, because I’ve previously had the problem go away with previous generation cases.

Regardless, Otterbox has been consistent in their overall resistance to materials that have potential to cause harm to your iOS devices, and that lives on with the Defender Series case for the iPhone 4S. You pick yours up via the link above or the buy now button below after our overall score.

[easyreview title="Our Score - Case" cat1title="Appeal" cat1detail="It does turn your iPhone into a bulkier version of it in naked form, but the color variations available offer options to suit anyone's taste." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Protection" cat2detail="Even though you probably don't want to throw your phone on the ground, it will still reliably protect your device." cat2rating="5" cat3title="Design" cat3detail="The design of the Defender Series case is undoubtedly clever with the dock flaps and the easy installation. However, docking your device won't be too easy unless your dock has a lot of allotted space for your iPhone." cat3rating="4.5" summary="Otterbox is worth the money for its trustworthy nature and past; if you want solid protection by giving up a few novelties, it's easily one of the first cases you should pickup after you purchase an iOS device - or any other type of device, for that matter."]

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