Mophie Juice Pack Air Review for iPod Touch 2G and 3G – Battery Dead? Saved!

Seldom has my iPod lasted me a whole day without me having to charge it. That’s how much its battery capacity has dropped since I bought it two Septembers ago. Those external batteries that they sell do the job, but the iPod being charged usually cannot be used – the cable from the battery gets in the way, or with the kind that uses the 30-pin connector to plug straight into the device, the body of the battery gets in the way. So why not have a Mophie Juice Pack Air instead? There are many reasons why you should, and some that prove you shouldn’t.

The Mophie Juice Pack Air is a case for your iPod with an external battery built right inside of it to rid you of all of the external batteries that are always getting in the way. Whenever, you need some extra juice, it’s as easy as flipping a switch that’s at your fingertips.

To put the case on, you simply take the top part of it off which leaves room for your iPod to simply slide in. However, the simple part doesn’t describe how my experience was. Since I had an invisible shield on my iPod, the iPod got jammed in the case because of the shield’s added thickness and took some major force to come out. So, in turn I had to take off my shield to start using the case which was a bummer for me, but also a plus because of the many benefits I get from the case.

The case is made out of a hard plastic sort of material which while also being thin is sure to last you a long time. Just by the look and further the feel, you can tell that the case needs a hard crackin’ to get damaged.

When you slide in your iPod, you’ll notice that there’s an extra portion added onto the case at the bottom making your device seem irregularly large – I’m guessing that this area houses the battery. This extra bulk does cause some disadvantages such as your iPod may not be able to fit into any sized pockets, and the instant portability of it decreases a bit. However, since this is where all of the benefits are coming from, this doesn’t seem like a problem in my mind.

The case covers all of your iPod, from buttons to ports to jacks. There are added plastic pieces on top of the areas where your sleep and volume rockers usually are to ensure protection to these. You’d think that the buttons would be extremely hard to press down, but for some odd reason they’re not. It feels like there’s no plastic covering them. Even your audio jack, and charge & sync port are covered fully so there’s no water damage or other damage among the lines. But, uh oh, now you can’t plug in headphones or even worse charge your iPod!!! Wrong. Since the case covers your ports, and of course there’s its 30-pin connector of its own plugged into your iPod, Mophie has gone the extra step and provided another port on the outside of the case where a standard USB cable will plug into. So even with the case on, there’s no worry about having to take it off to charge/sync of plug in a pair of headphones!

Charging the case is done with a USB cable which is provided in the box. The case comes fully charged, but after you wear down its juice it takes just a few hours to get it back up and running again. Also, on the bottom of the back of the case there is a little button that when pressed will light up a certain amount of LED lights next to it. This displays the amount of power the case has left.

There’s just one more con that I noticed about the case: when it is housing your iPod, you cannot hear any sounds that the iPod plays because the case has a little 3.5 mm plug plugged into your iPod. The iPod thinks that the case is a pair of headphones or speaker, but really the case has no built in speaker (you can’t have everything!).

On Mophie’s website, you’ll find access to cases and external batteries for iPods, iPhone, and whatnot. Even with the bulkiness of the case, and the other few issues that I encountered, I still see the Mophie Juice Pack Air as a handy, dandy companion. For the $79.95 price tag I can’t say how much I recommend it!