Mini Reviews: Four Accessories from ThinkGeek

Sometime last week, I received a few products from the geeky, and so similar to me, guys over at ThinkGeek. Since the four things I got aren’t really worthy of a full review <--Just kidding! Since the products aren't really large enough for separate reviews for each one, I thought I'd compile their mini reviews into one review.

iStubz ($7.99):
From looking at the pictures, the iStubz may come off to simply be a regular charge/sync cable that you currently use. Quite on the contrary, however, the cable is different: rather than the usual length, the iStubz has been sized down and boasts a 3 inch length. This is so your work area can be clutter-free. Since the cable is only 3 inches, I wouldn’t really envision that you use it along with a desktop computer. Rather, I’d recommend it for use with a laptop considering it’d most likely leave your iPhone or iPod Touch dangling out of the USB port of your desktop computer. The cable is reinforced with the same material as Apple’s own similar charge/sync cable, which wouldn’t be preferable if the two cables shared the amount of durability; thankfully, the short size prevents the iStubz from bending which should take care of tearing insulation and such. It’s only $7.99 (link above), so if the idea at all peaks your interest, I’d fully back taking a look at it.

Spudz – Pocket Microfiber Cloth ($4.99):
Any regular microfiber cleaning cloth wouldn’t be worth 5 dollars, but this one certainly is. If you deem that wiping any sort of lens with your shirt is effective, then skip right over this review right now, but if you’re yet looking for a cloth to remove grime and dust, then continue reading. The Spudz – Pocket Microfiber Cloth is basically just a microfiber cloth packed into a small pocket or bag, a little larger than an inch in length. The cloth is sewn into the bottom of the back and is also multiple times the size of the bag to prevent the loss of the cloth and to provide a considerable amount of slack for cleaning, respectively. Plus, the Spudz bag as an attached loop/hook to allow you to carry the cloth around with you on your keys, belt, and other such places. My only gripe was that the cloth took some care to properly be stowed back in the bag, but that’s something that can be sidestepped with some practice. Like I said, $5 for just any cloth would be ridiculous, but for the Spudz cleaning cloth, especially considering how well it rids your lens (in our case, screens) of dust, fingerprints and more, it’s totally worth it!

iPlunge Phone Stand ($5.99):
A toilet plunger that can also be used as a phone stand – talk about universally useful! No folks, the iPlunge Phone Stand can’t really be used as a plunger but simply is shaped to look like one. There are tons of stands available out there for the avid movie watcher who enjoys watching movies on a 3″ screen, but none have as much personality as this one. Sticking to the back of literally any phone with a flat surface, the rubber [red] part of the stand uses its suction capabilities to firmly hang onto your phone. The handle is then used as the actual balance, keeping your phone upright. Depending on where you stick the plunge–ahem, the stand, you’ll be able to have multiple viewing positions. I really didn’t have any worries with this one, except for the fact that some cases aren’t supported. Regardless, if you’re in the market for a stand that successfully does its job while also offering a bit of humor, the iPlunge from ThinkGeek should undoubtedly be yours.

Keychain Speaker Amp ($6.99)
Now this is really clever; this mini speaker, comparable to the size of a quarter, camouflages itself as a guitar amp compressed to about 1/20 of one’s normal size. Connected to any MP3 device with the included, two-sided 3.5mm cable (yes, you have to use the one included) and recharged using the included USB cable, the speaker offers a light solution for listening to music on the go. Surprisingly, for its small size, the speaker has a wonderful sound capability, playing music fairly clear. However, if you turn the music up all of the way, you can make out occasional scratches. The speaker is attached to ring, much like a keychain, which can be attached to your key’s ring for portability purposes. There were multiple things I had against the speaker:
1) You have to use the included cable to play music. Don’t ask me why, but even on top of that, there’s a specific size that you have to plug into the speaker.
2) There’s no volume wheel on the speaker. It’s not so small that some method of volume controlling can’t be added. You have to control volume from your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Other than those, the speaker isn’t such a bad companion to have with you.

These four products, reviewed above, would make an excellent travel pack, in my honest opinion. Each is small, light and easy to be stowed, and all have different purposes suitable for any vacation that you could go on; without doubt, they would make great, reliable companions for your next trip. Additionally, they’re not the plain old accessories that you’d find elsewhere. You can definitely count on ThinkGeek to use a toilet plunger an iPhone stand! So if you don’t mind spending about $26, (rounded to the nearest dollar) then I’d recommend you pick up atleast a few of the above accessories.