iANGLE Review – A Clever Slab of Rubber Designed to Serve Multiple Purposes

Whenever someone goes on a trip, they look for portability in something that they need to take along. I’m sure most of you, me alike, hate lugging around too many things when you’d rather travel light and easy. With the iAngle, you can have two things, in one product further subtracting the amount of “iPhone/iPod gadgets” you have to carry around in your pocket.

The iAngle is a cleverly designed slab of rubber that makes using your iPod or iPhone a whole lot easier. With its two useful capabilities, you will never have to worry about comfort, and tangled earbuds – this takes care of those two problems for you.

So what is it? Basically, it’s a stand and an earphone holder combined into one. So instead of carrying a separate stand and an earbud organizer, your carry load is minimized.

The iAngle takes the shape of a relative triangle with rubber being the primary material that it is made out of. Since it’s extremely small, it can fit easily into a pocket, purse, or anything else in the came category. In the middle of the product itself, you have a small opening where you can lay or stand your iPhone/iPod Touch to make it sit up without you having to hold it. Now, when I say it’s a triangle, it’s not a 2D triangle. In the middle of the outside edge, you have another opening where you can wrap up your headphones, and then tuck in the heads into two little holes located in the center of it when it is facing right-side-up. The holes look like they were shaped for the standard Apple earbuds, so if you have headphones like me, with longer tips, than they will stick out a bit which sort of defeats the whole purpose of the two holes. However, this isn’t too big of an issue because the longer tips will most likely end at the same point where the rubber on the iAngle ends.

The iAngle is available in two colors: black and white. These do look a little dull as the rubber isn’t too slick looking, and I was really (and am really) hoping to see that Versed General introduces more in the near future.

So far I have been pretty satisfied with the iAngle. There are many alternatives that I own, but because of the multiple purposes this product serves, I usually find myself using it primarily over the other.

The iAngle has had good first impressions from me. The optimum amount of quality provided with this little gadget is amazing, and I can’t wait to use it on a real trip! You can get it on the official website for only $9.99. For that price, it’s a great option for all of you iPhone and iPod Touch users!