appleJuce Product Review – A Green Scented, Green Colored, Environmentally-Green Cleaner

They may not look like it, but your hands are a pair of evil twins out to spread and infect with their grime and germs that simply infest their every folds and nooks. This nastiness from your grubby hands spreads to your iOS device and eventually inflicts damage on the svelte qualities that Jony Ive and his team over at Apple have so painstakingly come to create over the course of months. Though a microfiber cloth may do the trick, visually, with cleaning your device, looks can be deceiving. That’s why appleJuce was created: to cleanse an iOS device while also catering to Apple’s drooling fanboys (like us!).

Available as a whole lineup of products waiting to be used at will and with ease, appleJuce is a new cleaner that debuted not too long ago; tailored to remove any stains, fingerprints and other both irratating and ugly substances of potential harm, appleJuce promises to rid your device of anything nasty. Other than actual physical damage, of course, it does just exactly that.

Most substances that are used with products of similar breed often contain harmful ingredients that are used in the making; chemical ingredients that are toxic, environmentally-destructive elements and more. appleJuce boasts a nature that makes it stand out. With a color that lends itself to its purpose, appleJuce is a cleaner that aims to remain green while also reliably cleaning your device.

Cleaning your screen with the appleJuce kit is surprisingly easy: all you have to do is firstly turn off your device and then take one of the supplied cleaning cloths and spray a little bit of the cleaner on the corner. Afterwards you gently rub the tainted potion over your screen making sure to cover every spot and apply a bit more pressure where particles of dense are more apparent and dense. Using the part of the cloth that hasn’t come into contact with the liquid, you can now smooth & polish your screen. The end result is fantastic and makes the device look almost new.

Evident by the name, appleJuce has the subtle scent of apples. While also paying its dues to the company to which it derives from, the juice leaves your device with a faint apple smell. Although it’s okay for the most part, the scent can sometakes become overpowering if you don’t spray evenly or conservatively while applying and cleaning.

appleJuce is the perfect solution for ridding your device from bits and pieces of dirt, grit, oil, fingerprints and any other pests that plague your screen over time. Not only can it be used with the iOS devices that it’s seemingly geared mostly towards because of its main concept, but it can also be used with other electronics. If you can tolerate your device smelling of old Granny Smith, then appleJuce will undoubtedly provide content every single time you put it to use.

The cleaner is available in multiple version, each with the same ingredients and overall effect but differing my size and price. We were sent a kit with a cleaning cloth and a 2 oz. bottle of the juice ($12.99) as well as a pack of five 2mL key chain pumps ($2.99/each) meant for portability, which each sustained a considerable amount of uses. Additionally, there is a kit consisting of a 8 oz. bottle, a 2 oz. bottle and a cleaning cloth ($24.99), extra cleaning cloths ($7.99), a single 8 oz. bottle ($12.99), a 2 oz. bottle ($7.99) and a 1/2 gallon jug ($59.00).

You can now win a complete kit of appleJuce ($24.99 value) from iPhone Alley in our 11th weekly giveaway!

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