Is the iPhone 4S Really That Disappointing?

So Tim Cook didn’t unveil the iPhone 5 on Tuesday, it still doesn’t mean the iPhone 4S is a complete letdown. Besides not delivering on the new design invented by us tech bloggers, the iPhone 4S did deliver the dual-core A5 processor and fast 8-megapixel HD video camera we heard so much about.

Is a “teardrop” design with less talk time really that exciting? Because having all my documents, contacts, data and entertainment easily available on all my devices via iCloud sounds great to me. While I personally don’t want to talk to my iPhone, Apple’s new voice command assistant Siri also seemed to impress a lot of people who attended the event.

Apple even delivered on the rumored low-cost iPhone by making the iPhone 3GS free, and introducing the 8GB iPhone 4. The iPhone is now available from $99 for 8GB to $399 for 64GB, and its on three U.S. carriers.

I’ve seen a lot of different opinions on Twitter, and various message boards and blogs. Some people are acting like Tim Cook just announced the iPhone 4 in a different color. If Apple fans are looking to buy a new device every few months, maybe they should switch to Android.

I do admit, the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event did seem a little disappointing, but that’s our fault for building up the hype. If you look back, all the signs were there, especially as the announcement grew closer.

You can also think about it this way; at least we have many more months of iPhone 5 rumors to look forward to.

iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 4

iPhone 4S – Dual-core A5 chip
iPhone 4 – A4 chip


iPhone 4S – 4.9 ounces
iPhone 4 – 4.8 ounces

iPhone 4S – 8MP (Face detection)
iPhone 4 – 5MP

Video Recording
iPhone 4S – HD video recording (1080p 30 fps, Video stabilization)
iPhone 4 – HD video recording (720 30 fps)


Battery Life (3G)

iPhone 4S – 8 hours
iPhone 4 – 7 hours