Yup, Another Leak – This Time from Foxconn (Images)

Like I said last night, there is still time for companies to slip and let the cat out of the bag regarding the new iPhone models. Late(er) last night, almost immediately after I posted, pictures of the supposed lower-end iPhone 4 were discovered by Gizmodo’s Brazilian counterpart, Gizmodo.com.br – this time, right from Foxconn.

Before Tim Cook has even gotten on stage in Cupertino to do his talking about the new iPhone models, Foxconn has already leaked some photos. The Foxconn factory in Brazil allowed personnel from Gizmodo.co.br into the factory, who took pictures of an SKU-iPhone that looks very similar to the current iPhone 4; that little bit matches the icon displayed in the beta version of iTunes.

The pictures, don’t depict anything special. In other words, no real changes have been made to the exterior of the iPhone. The intriguing part was that the last of the pictures displayed a model number ‘N90A’, which has, for some time, been rumored to be the model number of the lower-end iPhone 4.

So, coming almost straight from Apple, since Foxconn is Apple’s official manufacturer, is this legit? I think so. Potential iPhone buyers who have hesitated to buy the iPhone in past years, because of its hefty overall price, should be satisfied come this Tuesday, when Apple will possibly announce this lower end iPhone that will be much cheaper than before.

We’ll keep you posted on future developments; there’s still the rest of today and technically tomorrow for some Apple employee to leave a prototype at a bar after getting drunk for its official release. Just make sure to stay tuned in the nights because that’s probably when something like that would happen. At any other time, that would just be sad…

[Via Gizmodo]