Yelp Updated With Augmented Reality Easter Egg

Yelp is a free service for finding information and customer reviews on local businesses like bars and restaurants by searching or using location services. Today Yelp version 3.0.0 was released that not only ads some cool new features, but an easter egg in the form of an augmented reality interface.

Video after the break! (Scroll down a little…)

The easter egg consists of a button in the top right of the app called “Monocle”. Tapping on it turns on an augmented reality interface that overlays review and rating information for local businesses superimposed over live video. It only works on 3GS devices. It’s suspected that the augmented reality interface was added as a hidden easter egg to avoid detection by Apple reviewers.

Mashable has posted some screenshots and a demo video of the interface in action:

[via Mashable]

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