WWDC: Apple Announces New Maps Application

Before WWDC, it was largely questioned whether or not Apple would simply ditch Google and its maps solution and replace them with an application developed by the Cupertino-based company themselves. Now, it’s not a question anymore but a fact: Apple has ditched Google Maps for their own Maps application.

More than half of all Google Maps usage came from iOS – that’s a lot, but Google no longer will have such numbers. The new Maps application includes everything you want in such a solution…with additional enhancements.

The new mapping solution is as alluring as we’ve made it seem. The wait has been worth it as indicated by the significant number of new features. First of all, the application now includes more than 100 billion business listing. It also has Yelp integrated into its core making nearby restaurants and reviews as accessible as ever.

Maps will now offer turn by turn navigation. A feature that has replaced Google’s previous lackluster text-only directions. You’ll further be notified of any changes in your route as the app will collect data from across its users to popular traffic information.

As an added bonus, the maps are even rendered in full 3D. Users can fly over buildings, rotate around themselves and more with the new feature, which is called Flyover. Unfortunately, this is only available to users with an iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or the new iPad.

Despite the upcoming availability of the new Google Maps, which was announced recently, I’m thinking I’ll stick to Apple’s new solution.