Windows Jailbreak Solution For OS 3.1 Coming Soon

Last week the Dev Team released an update to their PwnageTool for the Mac which now jailbreaks all OS 3.1 devices. Today it was announced that a Windows jailbreak is also on its way from another source. Project sn0wbreeze is a new jailbreaking tool for Windows users currently in the works from ih8sn0w and DarkMalloc that will serve as a Pwnage Tool substitute on Windows.

The project was first announced by ih8sn0w on Twitter:

The new project that we are working on is sn0wbreeze. It is basically PwnageTool for Windows. Our ETA is October 12.

As of more recently, DarkMalloc announced he’ll be posting a demo video some time on Friday, so be sure to check back. In the meantime, he posted the following teaser video:

[via iPhone Freak]

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