Will You Still Buy iPhone 5 If It’s a Small Upgrade?

Many of the rumors that we have almost come to take as fact regarding iPhone 5 are beginning to be contradicted, with separate rumors negating features such as a bigger screen or new design.

What we know for sure about the iPhone launching in fall is that it will have a new name, be it 4S, 5, or iPhone uBuy. The only change 100% a given if it were to exist at all would be the A4 chip being replaced by an A5 or A6 sporting a speedier dual-core processor and a superior graphics chip. Better performance could be enough for some to make the upgrade, right? Mac systems can go a few revisions without cosmetic changes, strictly superior hardware. To be fair, competition is too fierce in the mobile market for that to be the only change after 15 months.

Other than how it is 99% likely that a launch will happen simultaneously on both AT&T and Verizon, every other detail about iPhone 5 can be argued, rebuked, and speculated about for hours on end. Hey, that’s just one of the reasons why iPhone Alley exists. iPhone 4′s successor could simply be faster, or it could be entirely different with a new design, bigger screen, and a built-in chocolate fountain.

More recent reports are saying that the next iPhone we see will be an insignificant, disappointing revision. After the long ******* (what? I just like using asterisks) wait, we better get a big game-changer. After all, iPhone 5 could be a great upgrade if all of the previous reports turn out to be true and there are still a few surprises left.

If the next iPhone is a small upgrade will you still be compelled to purchase it? If only to own the latest-and-greatest in Apple’s phone lineup. What will it take to get you to rush out to a store on launch day?

What are your two most crucial rumored iPhone 5 features?

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