Wikipanion Releases Native App Interface To Wikipedia

Looking for a new way to search Wikipedia? There are several web-apps out there that will make it more manageable from your iPhone, but now there’s a native app that brings it down to size and makes moving from section to section easier on your iDevice.

It’s called WIkipanion, and it’s Robert Chin’s free native iPhone app for Wikipedia. The app still uses the web to browse the network, but changes the way you navigate from section to section. Instead of the traditional method, switching between sections in the article is done through a menu brought up by a small icon in the bottom of the screen, theoretically making it easier to navigate. Another button opens the list of sources, related topics, and external links for an article (which open in Mobile Safari).

Not only is it reorganized, but the developer claims that it’s much faster to load a Wikipedia page in Wikipanion than in MobileSafari. Probably the only thing it can’t do is let you edit articles.

You can download and use WIkipanion in the App Store for free.

[via ReadWriteWeb]

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