While You Were Commuting: Mid-Morning AppStore Update Report

While you were packing the kids in the minivan heading to another boring day of hum-drum work, Apple pushed some updates to the AppStore giving you just one more reason to cherish life. Todays updates include those that took place between 10 last night and 10 this morning. This update list is smaller than yesterdays but includes Foodle, Zeptopad, Ninja, MyTube, Ikanoid, Watch It Change, iCave, and Countdown.

Foodle: Important Note: Please update to iPhone OS 2.0.2 and iTunes 7.7.1 before updating Foodle Also: Please sync and backup your device before updating Foodle Version changes: – By popular demand, lists can now be given custom titles (Tap buttons: Edit->Title to set a list’s title) – Application name change – Slight tweaks to various animation timings and UI elements Note: If you have disabled Foodle’s ability to use Location Services (by answering “Don’t Allow”), it can be re-enabled by choosing Settings->General->Reset->Reset Location Warnings.

Zeptopad: indication of ruler and grid ZOOMOUT function UNDO and REDO function copy and paste multi-selection of path, text and image rotation, enlargement, or reduction of path, text and image image can be saved up to 320 (16 before) scribbling elements can be used up to 256 (96 before) resolution of image is 128 × 128 (32 × 32 before) HELP in English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese

Ninja: ?

myTube: The last route generated from the route planner is now saved to be viewed offline – The Tube Status page can be skinned from the Settings to suite how you would like the page to look – The ability to download the Tube map from the TfL site and save it to your phone for you to view offline – Find tourist attractions near to a station and overground directions BUGFIXES – Trapped some possible errors that could lead to an application crash – Fixed the route planner where it would not work for the following stations: Bromley-by-Bow, Cutty Sark, Edgeware Road, Heathrow Terminals 1,2,3, Shepherd’s Bush – Fixed route planner where any station name with an ampersand failed.

Ikanoid: Here’s Ikanoid 1.4 ! What’s new : New graphical effects Background music New levels Bug fixes

Watch It Change: Smaller executable size for faster download from App Store.

iCave: You can now listen to your own music whilst playing (need to turn off sounds first though). Lots of changes after feedback: – Scoring is now time based – Added ability to customise terrain, ship and barrier colours – Can reset hi-scores – Added settings menu system – Can turn vibrate on/off – Added instructions view – Hi score for selected difficulty now shown on main screen

Countdown: Accessible event dates expanded from Jan 1st, 0001 to Dec 31st, 4000. That should be enough… Also new – Choose the units to count for your events, from years, months, days, hours, and minutes. You decide!

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