Where You Can Buy iPad 2 on March 11

Have your chairs, food, drinks, and other necessary supplies ready for the night of March 10. Judging by how well the first-generation iPad sold, iPad 2 will have all the trimmings of a hot device launch day, including long lines. Your wait in line will be significantly shorter if you go with somewhere other than an Apple Store. Where? There are a few retailers hinting at March 11, launch day, availability.

Unfortunately, no retailers are indicating that they are going to accept pre-orders, but you could still be ahead of the game on March 11. It is confirmed on Best Buy’s site that they will have iPad 2 from day one. Walmart lists iPad 2 online, but it would be smart to call stores individually to confirm availability. Verizon’s site indicates that you will be able to purchase an iPad 2 from them on launch day. AT&T has yet to mention iPad 2′s availability from their stores, though.

Best Buy and Walmart typically get a fairly low number of new devices (which held true for the iPhone 4′s launch), an amount sometimes as high as being in the dozens or the likelier amount of less than ten. That being said, if you are within the first three people on line at a store that is confirmed to have iPad 2, then you are almost guaranteed to receive one. If not, join an availability waiting game like the majority of us.

I can say that the original iPad launch was smooth for those who pre-ordered such as myself. However, Apple’s site does not hint at pre-orders, so you will have to join a frantic line. Due to the lack of both online pre-orders to have the iPad shipped to your house and retail pre-orders, the lines will likely be significantly longer than last year’s. Apple Stores do at least get the highest amount of devices, so waiting may not be for nothing. In fact, the purchase process will probably be the most convenient at an Apple Store post-waiting due to a high inventory of the device and its accessories.