What’s New from Kickstarter? – September

It’s truly wondrous when companies introduce new products that totally vamp up the market and that simply solve problems in ways innovative and never thought of before. You’d think the amount of things case manufactures could possibly produce would eventually abate until the point of really nothing new to be made; it’s quite the opposite of that in entrepreneurs cases (no pun intended) who are hoping to take a swing in the iPhone market – Kickstarter hasn’t been covered lately by us, and it’s simply booming with new projects worth checking out.

Check out a few Kickstarter projects:

EscapeCapsule: iPhone 4 Waterproof Case

(Goal reached; funding still going on)

If you’re not too excited for the anticipated launch of the next-generation iPhone, then you’ll probably not be wanting to ruin your current iPhone 4 quite yet. So, taking that into consideration, innovative people have posted their project on Kickstarter, which is just a waterproof case proprietary to the iPhone 4. Now, we’ve seen many waterproof cases, with other, more trustworthy case manufacturers (OtterBox) with solutions for the constant worry of dropping your device into water. But this specific case does have a few appealing features for the accident prone person: it’s built out of polycarbonate, is surrounded with a ring of silicone, is clear to allow users to see the latch, glows in the dark and more. Plus, it’s available in multiple colors. The case will be retailing soon for $70 for each unit – an iPhone 5 concept has already been taken into consideration so if you are going to buy the iPhone 5 come, supposedly, October, then you may want to keep on eye on that as well.

i+Case for iPhone 4

(Funding still going on)

This certain project, simply another case, seems to emphasize the point that other cases hide the elegance of the naked iPhone 4. So the creators have created a case that supposedly compliments the iPhone 4′s design with its own sleek, aluminum design. The case comes in two large pieces, along with multiple buttons to be fit over the volume rockers, sleep button and vibrate switch on the external part of the iPhone. The two front and back pieces will screw into each other thanks to the four included screws and screwdriver, which is both a good and bad thing. The bad is that the case will involve a little bit of labor to remove and if you lose a screw, you’re pretty much screwed (pun intended), and the beneficial is that you can rely on the case to stay with your phone fixed inside. The current design is compatible with both the AT&T and Verizon iPhones, despite their slight design difference and is available in three different colors: red, black and silver. This certainly seems like something that could materialize into a successful case, so if you look forward to seeing the case in full production, head over to the Kickstarter page (linked above) and pledge a view dollars.


(Goal reached; funding still going on)

Klinggon, when spelled properly, Cling On, is a new product that will be in production soon and will eliminate the problem of managing your headphone cord when exercising or simply casually listening to music. Made out of two pieces, which join together to make a complete Klinggon, the two pieces will go on opposite sides of your clothing and will be pulled together with the same kind of magnet used in computers: strong and very capable of doing the job. This magnet enables the owner to use it with pretty much any fabric of clothing, shirt and pants, technically, and at any position. What’s the benefit? Your headphone cable will run through a track, which will keep the cable from interfering with exercising and such. The Klinggon will be available in 8 color combinations of two contrasting colors, each made with the same rubbery material. They’re estimated to start shipping mid-September, which is around now, and will retail for about $30 for each unit. If you want to get your hands on one now, you can head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge even though the goal has already been met – just hurry, though, as the funding is closed in 50 hours.

If you would like to see other projects that are currently in the funding phase, you can navigate to Kickstarter and search “iPhone” or just let us do the work for you and click here.

Let us know what you think about the three products above. Would you buy any of them when they’re released (hopefully) soon?