What is iPad Mini? A Full (Stylized) Rundown of Apple’s New Tablet

Just moments ago, Apple has unveiled the iPad’s smaller, thinner brother (or cousin, we would even venture as far as sister) in the form of iPad mini. iPad mini seems to strike the right chords with its size, battery life, performance, and price for a tablet of this form factor. Continue reading for our full, stylized iPad mini rundown.

It’s the love child of iPad and iPhone 5′s jewel of a design

another premium product that pushes the tablet lust factor ahead (if we were to be as bold to proclaim that). Not only is it available in two color options with a total-black or white design, but for the first time iPad is being offered in a slate-colored aluminum back on the black option. Raw silver aluminum adorns the back of the white. Diamond-cut chamfering brings the appearance together, providing a top-of-the-line finish.

All of your iPad apps already work wonders,

practically every iPad-optimized app on the App Store can take full advantage of iPad mini’s 1024×768 display since Apple has chosen to maintain the same aspect ratio. For the most part, exactly the same amount of content will be viewable on the mini display.

7.9″ of non-Retina Display break a trend,

without Retina-support, iPad mini’s 163 pixels per inch will look paltry and pale in comparison to the full-sized 9.7″iPad. Nonetheless, it should still be worlds ahead of the non-Retina iPad in color and pop.

So thin and light it’s (almost) like gripping air,

featuring a design that Apple likes to call “pencil thin,” iPad mini is 23% thinner than iPad. Perhaps even more importantly and strikingly, iPad mini is a significant 53% lighter than its full-sized counterpart. 

Sporting a much-improved camera than ever seen on iPad,

with a 5-megapixel sensor that takes after Apple’s latest enhancements of backside illumination and a five-element lens 

ensuring that shots look reasonably good under any condition. Full 1080p video recording with video stabilization has also been added for shattering tablet camera expectations.


The full-featured camera system boasts FaceTime HD,

bringing FaceTime conversations to a new level of life-likeness with a 720p front-facing camera, also making it perfect for “Instagram selflies…”

An A5 chip provides some (dated) power,

as the chip we have seen in the iPhone 4S makes a return in iPad mini. It does boast enough speed to make the experience feel zippy although we do wish the A6 was included since our iPhone 5 will feel speedier.

Although battery life remains top-of-the-line despite the miniaturization,

featuring a battery lifespan of ten hours of usage on each full charge, making a charger all the more an old trend.

As LTE makes it way into a Wi-Fi + cellular model,

full 4G will be available in supported areas without a contract or commitment.

Smart Covers carry over,

with a similar lineup of color options as go-to iPad protection.

While Lightning makes an appearance,

of course, Apple’s next-generation vastly-smaller Lightning connector provides a new digital cable for syncing and charging.

Available in a miniaturized price starting at $329,

as the price of entry presents buyers a 16GB Wi-Fi only model as well as options to step up to 32GB and 64GB storage capacities for $429 or $529. An additional $130 adds cellular connectivity to round-out the package.

Ready to buy?

pre-orders begin this Friday, October 26. iPad mini will launch in retail stores on November 2, shipping to those lucky enough to grab a top pre-order spot.