Watch Where You Walk With New See-Thru Email App (Free For Limited Time)

Worried about walking into that lamppost again while typing out an email? Then you’ll be happy to hear that Phase2 Media, the folks behind the fake SMS app that promised to let you see where you’re going while typing an SMS, has just released Email ‘n Walk, a very real app that shows you what you’re about to walk into while you’re typing. Screenshot after the break.

The app is currently available as a free download for a limited time, so get it while it’s fresh. We haven’t tested it out yet (I’m downloading as I write this), but it has a very cool concept, and it looks downright pretty at that. A see-through SMS app would probably still be better, since SMS is something you’re more likely to do on the fly while walking around, but we’ll take what we can get. App Store download link [Here].

[via Gizmodo]

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